Ilya Ilyin tested positive in doping re-test

Ilya Ilyin tested positive in doping re-test

Ilya Ilyin’s doping sample from the Beijing 2008 Olympics tested positive for stanozolol. This was reported on the website of the International Weightlifting Federation. However, Kazakh weightlifter intends to prove his innocence of doping charges. Ilya Ilyin is going to visit France to get details of the case, according to the coach of the weightlifter. Yerzhas Boltayev is concerned over methods of doping analysis.




We have many doubts over certain techniques of detection. They say there are new methods. Ilya talked a lot about the principle of selection. There are 1-5% of those, who are checked. In no event we don’t want to say that we are the only to be retested, athletes from all countries are checked again. We also don’t want to refer to politics. Presently, he is a two-time Olympic champion. We receive support from all over the world.


Yerzhas Boltayev also thanked all those who support Ilyin and announced that the famous weightlifter will go through to prove his innocence.