Facebook fouls up its advertising metrics yet again

Facebook fouls up its advertising metrics yet again

The hits just keep coming for Facebook  (FB)  and its advertising metrics, The Street reports.


The social network giant said in a blog post on Friday that it had discovered two new discrepancies in its advertising data. The company said that during live video streams, it has in some cases been miscounting users' reactions to original posts, as part of the number of reactions to shares of the post. Facebook said it will fix this issue in new live videos starting in mid-December.


The company also discovered that it may be counting likes and shares for posts incorrectly when users search for these posts by entering a URL into the Facebook search bar. The company is working to fix this problem and will announce when it's developed an update.


Additionally, Facebook said that it would be updating how it calculates the estimated reach for posts in its tool for advertisers, noting that these changes would lead to no more than a 10% change in audience sizes viewed through the tool.


Shares of Facebook fell about 1.6% to $117.72 on Monday, while the stock is up about 13% year-to-date.


Facebook is no stranger to ad metrics gaffes recently.