High-strength steel and chromium-nickel cast iron were smelted for the first time in Kazakhstan

High-strength steel and chromium-nickel cast iron were smelted for the first time in Kazakhstan

Over the past 25 years, the volume of manufactured machine-building products has grown 17 times in Kazakhstan due to the new world-class technologies. Primarily, the growth was observed in the processing of low-quality and technogenic raw materials, which ensure growth of steel production. The cost of production of one tonne of metal was reduced by $10. High-strength steel with unique operational properties and chromium-nickel cast iron were smelted for the first time in Kazakhstan.


The output grows by 20% on average every year. Other industries progress slower. Government pays particular attention to machine-building engineering industry. Therefore, we will develop it further.

Atyrau region plays a key role in the country's economy largely due to its mineral deposits. Diversification is allowing slowly reducing dependency on traditionally prevailing primary sector.

Atyrau machine-building plant has introduced a unique production. The enterprise manufactures equipment of any size and complexity for the oil and gas industry.


- Last year, we supplied the equipment to several petrochemical complexes, which used to be imported from far abroad before. We continue doing this and this year we were financed by the Kazakhstan Development Bank. We started the construction of two more new productions. This is hot dip galvanizing, and a forging and pressing workshop.

Big players appeared in mechanical engineering, heavy and light industry, agrarian sector and food industry in the past few years. They established production, won the local market and have become exporters.


- At present, the region’s industrial sector makes up 25.8%. Particular attention is paid to economic diversification. The processing of agricultural products is showing positive dynamics, it grew by 13.3% compared to the same period last year. The Republican budget revenue has increased by 17.7%.

Oil and gas industry still makes the largest contribution to Kazakhstan’s economy. There are a number of large companies both local and foreign in the region. Local companies introduce new technologies and develop their own. For instance, ‘Embamunaigaz’ introduced a smart deposit project which allows optimizing production, reducing expenditures and increasing state budget revenues.


- Over the past four years, we have paid more than 625 billion tenge in taxes to the republican and local budgets, and allocated more than 1.7 billion tenge for the development of infrastructure in Atyrau region and more than 1.7 billion tenge for sponsorship and charity. We are constantly growing; we are planning to stop flaring the associated gas and apply new technologies in production.

Experts forecast further growth of economic activity in the region. This implies expansion of existing factories and creation of new production facilities. One of them is a project of new petrochemical technopark that will become a base for creation of innovative production sites in the region.