Archaeologists have discovered ancient artifacts in South Kazakhstan

Archaeologists have discovered ancient artifacts in South Kazakhstan

Archaeologists have discovered ancient artifacts which date back to the 12th and 13th centuries in South Kazakhstan, on the territory of the ancient Otyrar settlement. Archeologist Ilyar Kamaldinov had first assumed the find to be a stone but then he was very surprised. The scientist says the altar with the image of a human face, perhaps of a sphinx, has not been found yet in such an ancient city. The discovered part is approximately 800 years old.

Scientists also made another interesting discovery which is the detail of the sanitary-hygienic device.

Archaeologists have made a stratigraphic excavation. They sank to a depth of 5,5 meters. There are 8 building horizons. The profiles show garbage pits, tandyr ovens, as well as the layers, resulting from urban fires which probably occurred during the wars. Archaeologists discovered a bronze bowl exactly in the wall. Experts say the metal was a rarity. Perhaps, the stuff was brought by trade caravans which passed through the Silk Road. The bowl has inscriptions on it. Thus, scientists will be able to find out who exactly owned the dishes.


- Otyrar was a node of the Silk Road which began from the territory of Kazakhstan, the Almaty region where an ancient Antonovka settlement is located. Everything was approached to the Syr Darya River, then the road forked, one road headed to Central Asia and another way led to the North, to Europe.

Archaeologists have been studying the ancient Otyrar settlement since 1970. A chess piece made of ivory, lots of Chinese porcelain as well as Iranian goods were found. This is proof that the city was a major transit and logistics center which was regularly visited by trade caravans.


- This was like a transit, when huge caravans were carrying a lot of goods. They went through this transit, stopped and paid some money which is similar to a hotel of a modern day. Due to this, the city lived for a while.

The citadel of Otyrar where the ruler of the city lived, has not been found yet. Now the archaeologists intend to carefully look for it. The found artifacts will be transferred to the central state museum.