Trains of the new Railway Station "Nurly Jol" will drive right into the building

Trains of the new Railway Station

The international exhibition will start within a few hours in Astana. The capital is about to evoke admiration, charm and fascination. Kazakhstan’s first city is continuing to cause sincere delight among foreign guests for many years. Astana isn’t going to stop at this point. There is abundance of unique objects that are built not only for the country’s use. Many of the buildings are unique in the Commonwealth of Independent States, and some of them are unique in the world. One of the examples is the new Nurly Zhol railway station. This is a huge bright building with an area of ​​approximately 130 thousand square meters which sums 6 floors. The third floor consists of aprons so the trains come straight into the building.



 -This station is unique. People are happy about this fact that we have a station in our country and we have something to be proud of. Every Kazakh who will come here will see our country’s glory.


One more way to reach the city is through airport which is a reason to be proud in front of the expo’s guests, too. 42 cabins of passport control will greet the guests. The system, designed for 1200 bags per hour, will distribute a luggage. Apeco Pulo, a guest from Finland, has landed in Kazakhstan. As a true advocate of green technologies, he is cycling in Astana. He works in the Finnish pavilion and lives in a residential complex which is specially built for the expo’s guests.



 - Well it’s really comfortable. Of course we are a bit busy at the Expo village so. Unfortunate thing is that we don’t get to see much of the other city but this location is very good. It’s right close.


The future spectators of Astana will enjoy more than 180 hotels of different levels. For example, from inexpensive hotels to elite ones like these 2 skyscrapers

Will decorate Astana and can host VIP guests from Singapore, Paris and London Eye. Today, Kazakhstan’s capital has its own ferris wheel, Astana's eye. The opening of this wheel is scheduled for City Day. In addition, Kazakhstan’s most important city has been decorated with floral carpet within a short time.



- We have started preparation in August 2016. As usual, we prepare in advance. We try to follow the city’s growth.


Kazakhstan’s first city sets a good international example and the experience of its development is enthusiastically adopted. Moreover, innovations are useful particularly, green zones where people can relax, can stay alone with nature and to be on their own. As the Kazakh President, Nursultan Nazarbayev has repeatedly emphasized that high-tech infrastructure and structures will remain for the next generations.