Aubakir Ismailov’s exhibition has opened in Astana

Aubakir Ismailov’s exhibition has opened in Astana

The exhibition ‘Eternal Creativity Energy’ featuring the paintings of Kazakhstan’s honored artist Aubakir Ismailov has opened in the National Museum. The exposition features paintings in different genres: caricatures of 1930-1960s, ethnographic sketches and posters. Visitors could also see the works exhibited in the UN and UNESCO headquarters. The artist was a founder of Kazakhstan’s professional artist school.


This is a unique portrait of Nazim Hikmet, the Turkish revolutionist, patriot, public figure. Aubakir Ismailov painted this portrait in 1958 during the congress of representatives of Asian and Eastern cultures. The portrait has never been exhibited before.

Landscape painting was the one of the artist’s most favorite genres. All his paintings are filled with inspired poetics. Clear undertints, airy perspectives let Ismailov convey the beauty of native steppe. The artist was always keeping up with the times. The stages of Kazakhstan’s industrial development were reflected in his paintings as well. As the artist’s daughter Gulzamira Aubakir recalls, he loved the life in all its manifestations, and it can be seen in his works.


Auke was a gentle man. He had many assets like Baron Munchausen. He was reborn in every art piece that he created. He loved this world and most importantly he loved his nation and promoted Kazakh culture.

Aubakir Ismailov stood out by his versatile personality. He proved himself as a talented director, musician, poet, actor and folklore researcher. Dancing took a special place in his life. The artist made an enormous contribution to the choreographic art of Kazakhstan; he has been a stage director of the Kazakh folk dances. Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Toigan Izim recalls that once Aubakir Ismailov directed a few dances for her. She remembered his aristocratic, amazing energy and charisma.


Ismailov was the first person to create a dance troupe in Kazakhstan in the 1930s. There were no professional dancers at that time, the school had just opened. But he was a good leader and was able to inspire people. I performed his dances with him as partner. Duet dances were performed only in one Central Asian country in Kazakhstan at that time. 

Aubakir Ismailov’s family donated 26 paintings to the National Museum. Now the artist’s works are available for everyone. In the future, one of the national Museum’s halls will be named after Ismailov in order to pay tribute to the phenomenal artist.