'Funny money' comedy premieres at Gorky theater

'Funny money' comedy premieres at Gorky theater

Sparkling story about the adventures of a briefcase stuffed with money has premeiered at the famou Gorky Russian Drama Theater. The comedy is based on a story by Ray Cooney. The action takes place in England. An average accountant Henry finds a briefcase full of money. His life changes and brightens. Realizing that the money will be claimed back soon, Henry Perkins and his wife Jane hury off to Barcelona but obstacles constantly appear on their way.

For nearly two hours the heroes are caught in a whirlpool of lies, panic and confusion giving the spectators no chance of getting bored. The play attracted the strongest cast of the theater - Roman Chekhonadski, Svetlana Fortuna, Igor Sedin, Margarita Mukhamedieva and others. The artists rehearsed for six weeks. Main actress Svetlana Fortuna says playing Jane Perkins was not easy, but very interesting.

Svetlana Fortuna, actress:

For me it was a revelation, it was a step forward in my career. When you perform it feels like you walk on a knife's edge. An actor should act without any under or overstatements to convey the spirit of the play. So the director asked not to mime a lot, not to overperform. After all, it's the British with the unique severity of character. There is no excessive overacting  like in American comedies.

Ray Cooney's plays have long been compared with Charlie Chaplin movies due to the masterfully written plots. They have been translated into forty languages and recognized as a classic of modern English drama. According to the theater's chief director Bekpulat Parmanov, easy money stories are easily perceived and are quite edifying, making the spectators wonder - "What would I do if I were Henry Perkins?"

Bekpulat Parmanov, Chief director, Gorky Russian Drama Theater:

Every a person dreamt about easy money that suddenly come out of nowhere, and think if I found a lot of money right now I would have been a happy man, because my dreams would have come true, I would have done something. At this moment, we do not notice how we cross the line, because it's someone else's money, it is easy money, you didn't work to earn it. It is the moment when a person's morality is tested.

Two premiere performances made a splash and received high marks from the critics and theatergoers. The staging of "Funny Money" became the second premiere of the 116-th theatrical season and the first one this year.