Kazakhstan regions attract investments

Kazakhstan regions attract investments

Kazakhstan is actively attracting investments. A special attention is paid to the regions. For example, West Kazakhstan region received investments worth more than 6.5 billion tenge. 47 investment projects worth 334 billion tenge were included in the Business Roadmap, of which 30 new productions have been commissioned. Ten projects were implemented in 2016.

Transformer Plant is one of the fruits of the country’s industrialization strategies. The factory produces power oil transformers for the oil, gas and energy industries. The plant has successfully completed the first year of its work. The sales volume was 15% higher than expected while the share of exports made up 95%. The plant receives funding from the Turkish investors as well. Equipment installation has been completed; in the next several months, the new workshops will start manufacturing low-voltage electricity and gas cells and concrete substation – the products that are still being imported in Kazakhstan.


The plant’s management has decided to purchase of additional third line steel cross-cutting equipment that will let to expand the plant’s capacity by 3,000 transformers. It is also planned to manufacture over 7,000 transformers.

Another industrial breakthrough of the region is the production of K5 class motor fuel. Based on planned production volumes, the plant will be able to fully cover the region’s demand in high-quality automotive fuel.


We are planning to launch another 5 projects worth 3.5 billion tenge in 2017-2019. The Map is being replenished by new projects, one of them is the construction of poultry farm.

195 billion tenge of investments was attracted to Akmola region last year. This is by almost 8.5% higher compared to 2015. The Akmola region plants have manufactured products worth 400 billion tenge. The region is among the three top producers in the country. The most remarkable industrial facility in Akmola region is the trucks assembly plant. One shift assembles up to 5 trucks. Overall, 700 trucks were assembled in 2016. The plant now manufactures 40 new models of trucks. More than 11,000 units of heavy equipment was assembled in just 11 years. The trucks are in demand in all regions of Kazakhstan.


This year we developed a large range of KAMAZ trucks with Euro 4 emission class engine. EURO 4 is the environmental class that uses the exhaust system for neutralization of poisonous gases.

East Kazakhstan region’s giant of non-ferrous metallurgy plant Kazzink will attract $400 million for implementation of the new project ‘polymetals ZhayrEma.’ An innovative copper smelter worth more than a billion dollars was built in the region 5 years ago. The list of finished products will increase to 23 types after its introduction. Moreover, the products are manufactured with environmentally sound technology. The plant has managed to surprise even the Australian technology providers that manufacture Isa furnace. The region’s steelmakers have increased its efficiency to 60% and now share the secrets of this improvement with the colleagues from Canada, China and other countries.


The design capacity of our Isa furnace is 40 tons per hour. We have achieved an average capacity of about 43 tons per hour, and even reached the figure of 60 tons per hour! Thus, we can even train others how to efficiently melt copper.