Polymetals extraction and enrichment factory launched

Polymetals extraction and enrichment factory launched

A new factory for the production, processing and enrichment of polymetals was launched in Akmola region. This is the country’s such second enterprise. It is located on the territory of the Kusep rural district. Presently, gold and silver are extracted at the enterprise, and in the future, the facility will produce zinc. Cost of the project is almost 2 billion tenge. Design capacity totals 150,000-200,000 tons of ore per year. The reserves of the field will last for at least 12 years.



We will try to produce good metal. It is very convenient, very good for the local population that such company opened here. It mostly attracts local people. They are provided with jobs, stability.


Construction of the production facility at the Berezovskoye field near the village of Alekseyevka started 8 years ago. This year, the facility on extraction of gold and silver was actually launched. Enrichment plant consists of the boiler room, the workshop with crushing plant and units for processing, ore warehouse, and laboratory. Also, there is a special mining and mineral processing equipment.



Raw material base of our deposit totals 1 million tons of proven reserves; that is about 700 kg of gold and 30 tons of silver. We receive the finished product in the amount of 4 tons of gold and Dore bar, gold-silver alloy per year.


In addition, the company’s management is planning to reach full capacity early next year. Akmola region produces 35% of the republican gold. With the launch of a new factory, this figure will increase.