Light industry of Kazakhstan gains momentum

Light industry of Kazakhstan gains momentum

Today, light industry of Kazakhstan increases production capacities. For example, a shoe factory in Zhambyl region is going to double production volumes. The enterprise receives orders for leather shoes every new season. Goods are sewn on modern samples in the new European production lines. Raw materials are domestic. The leather is processed at tanning and dyeing workshops.



We produce shoes of all sizes using shoe sole injection molding method. We use chrome provided from local chrome plant. The fur is natural. Shoes are very durable to wear. The leather is waterproof.


One of the largest companies in the country produces leather goods as well. High-tech equipment can handle chrome leather; form any type of soles, ranging from army boots to children’s shoes. Diverse range of products is the key to competitiveness, the factory’s management believes.



The prospects of our plant are large. We are going to produce children's and women's shoes, in addition to men's shoes, military and work wear.


Factory production has already won the local market, now the enterprise plans to sell its products across Kazakhstan. Domestic products attract customers with their quality and reasonable prices.


Meanwhile, brand new coats produced in southern Kazakhstan will soon be available in Kazakhstani shops. Local garment factory has already started to design sketches of outerwear from drape and cashmere. German designers provide assistance in the implementation of the first women's collection within the special program. According to the authors of new designs, it will be a mix of classical and traditional styles. While the material for clothing will be delivered from Italy and Turkey. But the factory management promises that domestic coats will be cheaper than the imported ones by 20-30%. In the near future, the range of male and female costumes is planned to be expanded significantly.



I think they have a good future. Their sewing qualities are very good, very high. And they have a good staff to work.


By the way, the factory is already successfully exporting men’s clothing items to China. This is the only company in Southern Kazakhstan, which specializes in the production of men's classical suits, and as of recently, women's outerwear.