Workers of Astana International Financial Center to take training in USA and England

Workers of Astana International Financial Center to take training in USA and England

Registration of the future workers of Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) will start on July 1 next year. Creation of such institution will help attract considerable financial resources to Kazakhstan’s economy. Moreover, the AIFC, as President Nazarbayev has repeatedly said, should become the core of Kazakhstan’s financial infrastructure and a global hub not only in Central Asia but also in the EAEU. At present, the Financial Center cooperates with global leaders of financial services market and has launched recruitment process. Particularly, to create a pool of future personnel, the AIFC has developed a professional development program in the USA. The official launch of this project on training domestic experts who will substitute foreign staff in the future was held in New York. The head of the Astana Financial Center Kairat Kelimbetov spoke about strategic development directions focusing on the quality of human and managerial potential of the center.



One of the main components of launching the International Financial Center is the creation of a pool of talents jointly with Bolashak program that was established by the President in 1994. The participants of the "Bolashak" program from the Astana International Financial Center will be our representatives in major American and European markets. We wish them good luck and urge them to train well so they could work at our international financial center starting from January 1, 2018.     


According to the well-known financier and economist Nouriel Roubini, Kazakhstani specialists will have to acquire technical skills, and learn corporate culture, ethical and regulatory standards that are specific to the Anglo-Saxon system. Professional development program is included in the special quota allocated from the republican budget by the decision of the Republican Commission for Training Abroad.


The specialists will acquire academic knowledge at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, The City UK, Harvard and New York Universities.



The Financial Center requires completely different experts since it will deal with attracting investors, assets management in the market conditions. Therefore, I think those our colleagues who have been selected by Bolashak Commission will become good specialists.



Some lawyers with extensive experience will work in large law firms such as Dentons, there is also a team that will focus on IT-technologies. I will work with the assets and capital, which are one of the main activities in the center.