World scientists discuss green energy initiatives

World scientists discuss green energy initiatives

Scientists of Kazakhstan, France, Korea, Switzerland, Japan and Russia discussed in Almaty development of "green energy". At the Fourth International research conference on nanomaterials and advanced energy storage systems, innovators-developers presented about hundreds of reports on their breakthrough. According to them, in case of their successful implementation, they will take away the burden of human dependence on oil and coal. Many participants are hoping to present their projects at EXPO-2017.




In the longer term we are interested in participation in the exhibition EXPO-2017. Now the Japanese government set up a special program supporting Japanese companies that have decided to participate in the EXPO-2017 fair.


One of the problems of "green energy" is the accumulation and preservation of electricity received from wind or sun. According to the director of "Institute of Batteries" Indira Kurmanbaeva, among the presented projects there are many ones that can be already launched, because they are well enough developed and effective.




We have developed a battery that is made from waste oil products. It was completely manufactured in Kazakhstan, starting from the idea till the raw material. Using the most suitable and available materials, we have created a battery that meets all the requirements of modern energy saving technologies. And importantly, it is cheap and environmentally friendly.


Scientists understand that wherever a project is good, the most important thing is to be able to sell it: put into production, and find a consumer.