In the homeland of the great director Shaken Aimanov there will be a new International Film Festival

New international film festival will be created in Pavlodar, the birthplace of the founder of Kazakhfilm film studio, Shaken Aimanov. The festival will be launched as part of Modernization of Public Consciousness program. A number of draft titles of the event were offered but the final title will be announced after the public vote that will be held next summer. Meanwhile, the organizers have already started the preparation.


 - Our region is the birthplace of the famous Kazakh filmmaker, Shaken Aimanov. It is great that the festival will take place in Pavlodar as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program.

Detailed information about the festival’s format, jury and content are kept secret. The festival is sparking great interest, young filmmaker Lyudmila Lebedeva says. Authors of the short film "Mangashlyk" have just returned from Bulgaria where they won the main prize of the prestigious film festival Slavic Fairy Tale. This footage from the new film is shown on TV for the first time.



‘Mangashlyk’ is a national film made with the help of ordinary Pavlodar residents. The soundtrack to the film was written by local musician Gaidar Sarkinshakov. The film tells the story of a simple soldier from Kazakhstan, who leaves to fight in the Second World War and has a few minutes to see his mother.



 - I am proud to watch the film about young Pavlodar citizens who fought in the war.                                       

After the triumphant victory in Sofia, Lyudmila Lebedeva received invitations to a number of other major film festivals. The young director is full of new ideas and plans, and is now actively looking for another script to make a new film.