Willow plantation instead of gas well is Ukraine's new trend

 Willow plantation instead of gas well is Ukraine's new trend

Ukraine sets a new trend in in the field of renewable energy which is plantation of a willow instead of a gas well. A special variety of plants has been grown in the country. The final product is chips which is an ideal biofuel. One of the first plantations of the energy willow emerged near to Kiev. The main advantage of the plant is in its unpretentiousness. This kind of fuel can be grown almost everywhere. Representatives of the Ukrainian company will tell about their experience at the expo in Astana. They were one of the first to apply for participation in the exhibition.



- Undoubtedly, this is a contact base. This is about to present, to look for others, to get full contacts with those who work in this segment all over the world which is quite interesting opportunity and we want to use it.


Willow seedlings were brought to the country from Sweden, and planted  last spring. The first crop was mowed this winter which will become a planting stock for the following plantations. A total of 500 hectares of land have been allocated for the cultivation of the energy willow.



- The willow of calorific value is very close to pine. it is a rapidly growing plant and this is its  main advantage. Therefore, the plant belongs to renewable energy sources which is restored faster than any other crops. Production cycle is period of three years which means once in three years we harvest.


In addition to growing energy plants, the company is implementing five more directions in the field of renewable energy. They are sure that participation in Astana EXPO 2017 will give opportunity not only to share their experience, but also to multiply it.