Deputies visited the exhibition of startups in Almaty

Deputies visited the exhibition of startups in Almaty

Senate committee on economic policy, innovation development and entrepreneurship intends to open way to Kazakhstani advanced technologies. Senate members visited Almaty startups and innovative projects exhibition that is aimed to bring Kazakhstan to a new development level. Almaty Park of Innovative Technologies selected 40 most promising projects out of nearly 1,500 submitted from across Kazakhstan. Almost all startups are IT projects. Specialists told about their achievements and offered to make Kazakhstan a new innovative technologies test site. Experts say it is quite feasible.



 - This refers to the legislation on venture financing to take protective measures that block the way to obsolete technologies and let new innovations rise up. These changes are necessary to make Kazakhstan a new technologies test site. This is the niche our region should occupy.



 - We discussed questions on cooperation with authorized bodies, public procurement legislative support. We are analyzing all these questions, and, if necessary, will make appropriate changes to the legislative acts.


Well-known businessman and investor of Silicon Valley Kamran Elahian highly evaluated Kazakhstan's innovative projects. He is the holder of a prestigious international award for his contribution to the development of innovation, co-chair of the global forum on the use of information and communication technologies in developing countries. He says that his goal is to support interesting and promising start-ups around the globe. A well-known businessman was impressed by the large number of talented young people in Kazakhstan. According to him, it is young people who should develop innovations.



 - I had a pleasure of visiting Kazakhstan 4 times in the last 4 years. What have always struck me is, first of all, it’s a beautiful country and very beautiful nature. But more important, I’ve been fascinated by the spirit of your young people. I have met a lot of extremely smart, highly capable young men and women at Nazarbayev University