Experts’ assessment of EXPO 2017

Experts’ assessment of EXPO 2017

Former President of South Korea, Lee Myung-Bak praised Astana EXPO 2017. Having visited the exhibition, he said that it was the place where you can see the future.

The well-known politician told about South Korea’s launch of the Green Bridge Partnership program in 2008. Later such project was launched in Kazakhstan. Long-term bilateral cooperation in "green" energy has brought the two states closer, strengthened friendly ties and yielded a good result, which impacted the economies of Kazakhstan and Korea.


- I have visited many international exhibitions and I would say that Astana EXPO 2017 is being held at a high level. The aim of the expo in Kazakhstan is the future technology that will tackle environmental issues. It is also a good platform that introduces Kazakhstan to the rest of the world. I would like to invite Kazakhstan citizens to visit South Korean pavilion and Kazakhstan’s pavilion and the EXPO in general because people can see future technology and how the world will change in the future.

Russian experts named Astana EXPO 2017 a good PR project that let hundreds of thousands of tourists see the futuristic architecture of Astana and the beautiful nature of Kazakhstan. Expo pavilions have allowed visitors to learn about other countries’ technologies and culture. Expo visitors say that Nur Alem pavilion is the most attractive and interesting one.


- The idea of this pavilion was very good. The cosmic technology, future technology, some new methods of energy generation, even the architecture is futuristic and looks fabulous. This was interesting of course: starting from a self-propelled ship model in the Russian pavilion and ending with giant elephants in Sri Lankan pavilion and Czech beer in the Czech pavilion.

Kazakhstan’s expo pavilion impresses the visitors with its extraordinary architectural solution. Italian MP Edmondo Cirielli was surprised by the use of future technologies in the construction of the building. Kazakhstan's aspiration to innovation is obvious, the parliamentarian says.


- I’ve seen Kazakhstan’s pavilion at the EXPO in Italy, and the exhibition in Astana continued its great idea, the idea of new technologies, and the idea of the future. This exhibition is very futuristic, and the pavilion of Kazakhstan in particular. A huge sphere is unique, it was surprising to see the application of new technology in urban planning. The pavilion is also beautiful inside. There is lots of glass and mirrors. The entire structure is very impressive.