The draft of the national investment strategy was presented in Astana

The draft of the national investment strategy was presented in Astana

The draft project of the National Investment Strategy was presented to the diplomatic corps and foreign businessmen in Astana. The strategy will be adopted this year. However, its main provisions were announced to the potential business partners. In particular, as the Kazakh Prime Minister said, the main emphasis is put on the support of existing investors, regional investment development and implementation of large joint projects.



 - We will be competing with other countries in attracting investments. We understand that potential investors will look at their counterparts’ experience in Kazakhstan. That is, what are the investment conditions, is there anyone who went out of business and left Kazakhstan’s market and why. Therefore, we are aimed at keeping the existing investors who came to the market in the 1990s. We want them to stay here so they could reinvest what they have earned so far and develop their business further.


Kazakh Invest national company will now negotiate and represent Kazakhstan in the global investment market. The company will be responsible for entire organizational process and operate according to the one stop shop principle, starting from the draft project to production and further expansion to foreign markets. The single information-monitoring system, that is being developed now, will be operated by those responsible for working with foreign businesses. Investors will also have an access to it. 



 - The main purpose is to involve local and foreign businessmen in Kazakhstan’s investment attraction process because they know what they want. The main purpose is to bring Kazakh and foreign businessmen together so they could create joint projects. This method changes the entire investments attraction paradigm. That is, the state stops offering investors any projects they have no idea about, investors come and we offer them this country’s opportunities and business projects.


Kazakh Invest offices will open in a number of countries soon, including Germany, France, China, Great Britain, and the U.S.