More than a hundred names of Kazakh soldiers found in the German memorial complex

 More than a hundred names of Kazakh soldiers found in the German memorial complex

Historical expedition found over a hundred names of Kazakhstani soldiers in the Ehrenhein Zeithain German memorial complex. The soldiers were captured during the World War II. The historians will look for their relatives when the expedition finishes. Kazakh soldiers are still commemorated in Berlin. Kazakh officer Rakymzhan Koshkarbaev hoisted the banner of victory on the facade of the Reichstag on April 30, 1945. Another Kazakh historical figure, Mustafa Shokai, is also resting here. He fought for the freedom of the Turkestan peoples. His death still raises many questions, scientists say.



This person has lived in France for some time. We will visit this country in several days. However, there is not a single museum devoted to this historical figure. We should create a museum in his honor. There are still many places in France that remember Mustafa Shokai.


Members of the expedition met with German historians. According to them, Kazakhs and Germans can have common ancestors, specifically, the Huns. Their ruler Atilla, having united under his power the Türkic, Germanic and other tribes, established the power stretching from Rhine to Volga. His name is often found in the historical chronicles of both nations.



- A few years ago in the Kegen area we found a mound of the Hun era. It is pyramidal and its height exceeds 10 meters. Then we didnt have the opportunity to do full research. But Kazakh and German scientists are planning to do it.

After Germany, the expedition will head to Hungary in search of new facts about the Kazakh ancestors.