International puppet show festival was held in Bishkek

International puppet show festival was held in Bishkek

International puppet show festival was held in Bishkek. Kazakh, Russian and Uzbek theatre troupes pleased children with their performances. Actors performed three puppet shows for young spectators during three days competition show. Mangystau regional and Almaty State theatres represented Kazakhstan. The latter staged ‘Kashtanka’ by Anton Chekhov’s short story. It was a funny and edifying story about a small dog that was choosing between freedom and well-fed but very predictable life.



 - Her previous owner was rude but very kind. Every person feels awkward in a new atmosphere and among new people. The dog felt awkward in a new owner’s house and missed her old owner.


Kazakh puppeteers say that this production is one of the most popular among children. The performance is warmly welcomed in any country, where the Almaty Theater comes on tour. This is evidenced by the genuine reaction of the most sympathetic spectators in the world - children.



 - She has one owner and then another but then she has finally chosen the poor owner to the well-fed life.  Every time she went to sleep after a good dinner at a new owner’s home, she used to dream nostalgically about her past, event though she had new friends and a good life.


Pupils of one of the kindergartens in Kiev presented models of the main sightseeing of Astana such as Khazret Sultan Mosque, Akorda presidential palace and, of course, Baiterek. Young constructors made small miniatures from hundreds parts of Lego.



 - We used small Lego parts, yellow glassy parts and made such miniatures, then placed blue at the center, and then three blue and three yellow parts. We started in winter and finished in spring.



 - We went on excursion to the Kazakh embassy and they gave us an opportunity to use various materials, books, audio and pictures to choose what we can construct.


This is the third Lego construction competition in Ukraine where kindergarten pupils construct models of large cities. This time, 96 kindergartens participated in the competition, three Astana projects were immediately represented among the projects. Organizers of the event explain: such contests develop creative thinking in children and form an interest in research.