How to deal with human trafficking in war-torn countries?

How to deal with human trafficking in war-torn countries?

Kazakh delegation took part in the UN Security Council open debate on human trafficking in war-torn countries. Human trafficking is a global issue that should be addressed internationally, by using transnational methods, that is, international information exchange and mutual assistance. According to International Labour Organization’s estimates, at present, there are nearly 21 million victims of illegal exploitation, and 5.5 million of them are children. The head of the Kazakh delegation, Kazakh Vice-Minister for National Economy, Madina Abylkassymova offered a number of practical measures. She urged greater coordination in addressing the issue within the United Nations, and also expressed the need to ratify and universalize all international anti-trafficking agreements. Foreign experts highly evaluate Kazakhstan’s initiatives and its work as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. Professor of International Law at the South Korean Hankuk University, Cho Jong Hong believes that Kazakhstan can contribute to nuclear non-proliferation.


The UN Security Council is discussing the problems of nuclear weapons and human rights in North Korea. We hope that Kazakhstan will help to address these issues. Your country can also help to restore contacts between the two Koreas. The international delivery service DHL operates in North Korea, however, any exchange between North Korea and South Korea is prohibited. I think we could send parcels there through Kazakhstan. I think that this could be one of the opportunities to communicate with isolated North Korea.

Turkish experts also note the importance and relevance of Kazakhstan’s initiatives voiced as part of its non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council, in particular, regarding general disarmament, creation of a unified network for combating international terrorism and extremism. These issues were raised at a special meeting of political scientists, experts and diplomats in Istanbul.


We were happy to hear about Kazakhstan’s election as the UN Security Council’s non-permanent member. Kazakhstan received this great honor due to Nursultan Nazarbayev’s initiatives in promotion of peace. The world knows Kazakhstan as the leader of anti-nuclear movement. Kazakhstan has already offered its international security initiatives, urged nuclear powers to non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. I believe non-members of the UN Security Council should also support these initiatives.