Trump's new world disorder

Trump's new world disorder

Donald Trump is turning the world upside down, CNN reports.

Some US enemies like Russia are becoming his friends, and longtime US allies like Germany are wondering whether America will be there for them any more.

Geopolitical groups and alliances like the EU and NATO that have underpinned US global leadership for generations are reeling from Trump's disparaging comments.Amid the tumult, world leaders are hurriedly repositioning themselves to deal with the new world disorder that the incoming American president seems to herald.

China, for example, despite its Communist political system is moving into a vacuum left by Trump's hostility to free trade deals to position itself as the champion of unfettered and open commerce.
Russian President Vladimir Putin is emerging as Trump's most vocal defender, despite allegations of Moscow having cyber hacked in the US election.

In the Arab world, US allies are mustering to head off the firestorm they fear if Trump honors his campaign vow to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

And in the Western Hemisphere, another traditional American friend, Mexico, is insisting it won't pay for the wall Trump has pledged to build on the Southern border. Even Canada is bracing for tense ties with its neighbor since the President-elect has promised to renegotiate NAFTA.

It all means that the 45th president will take office with foreign allies and adversaries alike puzzled -- and, in some cases, alarmed -- that the certainties which have underpinned US foreign policy for generations no longer seem to apply.