Amsterdam blackout leaves 364,000 without power

Amsterdam blackout leaves 364,000 without power

Amsterdam and the surrounding areas were plunged into darkness at 4.15 am local time leaving at least 364,000 customers without power and grinding the Dutch capital to a halt, Euronews reports.

A state of emergency has been declared as a precaution.

As many as one million people could have been affected. Transportation services have been suspended and the mobile phone network is reportedly down after being overloaded with calls.

The cause of the power outage was not immediately clear. The utility company Liander, said the fault originated at the Hemweg power plant in Amsterdam. Just before 7 am, Liander reported that the number of affected customers had fallen to 199,000 after power was restored to 165,000 customers, many of them in the capital.

Street lights and traffic lights have been affected. Several websites hosted in Holland are down including the country’s largest newspaper De Telegraaf.

Police are asking people to refrain from calling except in case of emergency.