Presentation of Kazakhstan’s culture, history presented abroad

Presentation of Kazakhstan’s culture, history presented abroad

Documentary films about Kazakhstan’s achievements were screened on the Turkish state TV channel Avaz. Films “Heart of Eurasia” and “The Way to the Future” were produced in cooperation with the Turkic Council. The residents of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Baltic region will also be able to see the history of Kazakhstan’s development. The Turkish socio-political program was dedicated to the theme of the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. The experts discussed Kazakhstan’s global initiatives. According to them, Kazakhstan has made a great contribution to the unification of the Turkic peoples.



The author of the program paid major attention to Kazakhstan’s achievements in the years of independence. Also in the broadcast we discussed the projects in the spheres of economy, culture, education and politics, which were initiated by Kazakh President. In the future, these projects will be continued.


Meanwhile, the presentation of books dedicated to the intangible cultural heritage of Central Asia was held in Seoul. Literature was issued by the international information and networking center. The publication consists of 26 sections in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages. The project was prepared by the Kazakhstan’s National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO. The books provide information about aitys, terme and Kara zhorga.


This book will be useful for the study of Kazakhstan as for scientists and students across the world. You can download it on our website. Next year we prepare a film, which will include Kazakhstan’s 10 intangible cultural heritage items.


Kazakh literature center was opened in the National Library of China. Kazakhstan’s National Academic Library transferred more than 100 books in the Kazakh, Russian, English and Chinese languages to the Chinese Fund. There are books of fiction and scientific literature. Among them, there are works by Nursultan Nazarbayev translated into Chinese.



This is very good; because through the book, we can promote union of peoples, provide information on the history and culture of the two nations. I think, thanks to the Kazakh President’s wise policy and to the relations between the two Presidents, today we can speak about the great future, good-neighborly relations between the two great nations like Kazakhstan and China.