Khorgos - Eastern Gate to revive world trade

Khorgos - Eastern Gate to revive world trade

According to experts, the special economic zone Khorgos - Eastern Gate will boost global trade. The thousandth container train has been launched on China-Europe route through the Altynkol station and Khorgos dry port. The train passed all customs procedures and overload on the broad gauge in just 55 minutes.


Experts say the volume of cargo transportation through the Khorgos - Eastern Gate is rapidly increasing. Only this year, the figure rose by almost 4 times. The main advantage of an overland route is the speed of goods delivery. This saves money and causes the growing interest to the route. In addition, the special economic zone is constantly improving. According to the Chief Operating Officer of the economic zone Hicham Belmaachi, the cargo terminals, including for the transport of agricultural products from Kazakhstan to China are planned to be built on the SEZ territory. Kazakhstan applies all methods to improve the economic attractiveness of the region. There are no administrative barriers.



The special economic zone Khorgos - Eastern Gate is going to play a major role in improving the connectivity between China, Central Asia and Europe. The special economic zone Khorgos - Eastern Gates will become a major hub for the region. It will be a major hub for logistics.


Chinese investors are already interested in the projects of the special economic zone "Khorgos - Eastern Gate". Kazakhstan’s First Vice Prime Minister Askar Mamin met with Chinese businessmen to discuss the prospects.



Jointly we will be able to build a bridge between Europe and Asia. We will increase the trade turnover and create  a passway across the sea to Central Asia.


Khorgos - Eastern Gate is an important link in the whole logistics system of the Eurasian continent. Lyunyungan is not the only Chinese port, from where container trains travel to Europe via Kazakhstan. Contracts with eight Chinese cities have been concluded just in few years. Experts estimate that the volume of transportation of goods by rail in Kazakhstan may reach a million of container trains by 2025.