Israeli investors share plans in relation to economy of Kazakhstan

Israeli investors share plans in relation to economy of Kazakhstan

Israeli businessmen plan to invest in the economy of Kazakhstan nearly half a billion dollars. Investors plan to invest in medicine, agriculture, high-tech and smart infrastructure. These industries have long become leading in this country. They are willing to share technologies and to train specialists. International experience and opportunities of Kazakhstan should bring the economy to a new level.




It was not absolutely accidental to choose Kazakhstan, because it is a dynamic country, but the unknown region, unfortunately, for the Israelis. As, mainly we focused on North America. If it came to Asia, all meant China. In connection with the recent geopolitical events it has become absolutely clear that it is necessary to look for new markets and new economic opportunities, and here, I think, it will be very good integration between the intention of Kazakhstan to improve its economy and join the ranks of developed countries and the possibility of Israel to make its contribution.


Israeli Doctor of Medical Sciences Benad Goldwasser also wants to contribute. The outstanding physician, author of 148 books, an innovator in the industry of reconstructive urology have several projects for Kazakhstan. They include construction of the clinic at the Medical University and the introduction of high technologies in the treatment process.




Kazakhstan is a country that we are very interested in. The country has a rich and long history. But the most interesting things have happened over the past 25 years. To date, Kazakhstan is the fastest growing country in Central Asia and the most important thing is that the country is governed by the people who wish that Kazakhstan stepped forward in terms of technology, finance and science. We have very well developed medicine. Kazakhstan is a promising country, so that by joining forces, we can achieve a lot of good things. Construction of the clinic at the University may be the most advanced project in the world. It is known that the future of good medicine depends only from the education.


Investors say that now the majority of businessmen are thinking to leave the markets of America, Europe, China, and enter the Kazakhstani market, which is becoming more popular every year.