European divisions deepen over moves to tighten borders

European divisions deepen over moves to tighten borders

The asylum seekers keep coming and Europe keeps arguing over what to do, Euronews reports.


Seeking to stem the flow across the continent, central and eastern European leaders on Monday are debating plans to help tighten border security in the Balkans.


But Germany, which has borne the brunt of the influx, objects, amid warnings that any closure of borders into the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria would simply strand migrants arriving in Greece.


The UN’s refugee agency is also concerned about moves to tighten Europe’s borders.


The UNHCR says it recognises “the challenges some European countries are facing due to significant arrivals of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. Clearly States have a sovereign right to manage their borders; however, this must be done in accordance with national, EU and international law. The possible damaging impact of individual measures and practices on the rights and lives of refugees has to be considered.”


Photo: Euronews