Kyrgyzstan tightens control over imported goods

Kyrgyzstan tightens control over imported goods

Kyrgyzstan introduces new rules for registration of goods imported from member countries of EAEU. According to which, it is now necessary to notify the tax authorities in advance for the import of a product into the country. This measure, according to authorities will help ensure that the business entity engaged in the import of goods, did not have irregularities in their work or debts to the fiscal authorities. However, they explain that the new conditions of doing business – is a necessary measure.


Until recently, entrepreneurs were importing goods into Kyrgyzstan by special coupons. When crossing the border, they put a special mark on products. But, as practice shows, often the data in these stamps were down artificially. For example, the market value of one cubic meter of timber - 10 thousand soms, and the amount indicated in the documents was almost five times less. At the same time the figure of volume of imported products decreased also. This ultimately led to the shortfall in payments to the budget.




Firstly, we are very much losing in taxes when importing and further inland. The competition principle is broken. Those companies that have worked with the payment of taxes, they cannot compete with those taxpayers who import goods with reduced volumes and prices.