FIBA 3x3: “Streetball is to become an Olympic sport”

FIBA 3x3: “Streetball is to become an Olympic sport”

This was said by managing director Alex Sanchez during a press conference at the opening of the FIBA ​​3x3 U18 World Championships.


"We are fortunately optimistic for Tokyo-2020 (Olympic Games). Next year we will be playing in Italian Games, last year we played European Games, next year we play in Islamic games and Asian games. Also there is an increasing number of players because it’s so attractive,"- says Alex Sanchez.


Also he answered the question of our correspondent why Kazakhstan has been chosen as the host country.


"The choice of Kazakhstan as the host country is not accidental. We would like to maintain a good relationship and develop a streetball all over the world and in Kazakhstan in particular. I hope that streetball 3x3 will be an Olympic sport. We recruit a large number of views on the official FIBA ​​channel in Youtube, even more than some of the Olympic sports. This game is very popular, and it is necessary to pay attention".


This year Kazakhstan has received the right to host the main streetball tournament - the World Championship.  The 200 players have arrived for the event from 30 countries. Anyone can catch a live broadcast of the matches on Kazsport channel and the official FIBA’s ​​channel on Youtube.