Kazakhstan’s gasification will provide gas to 2 million 700 thousand people

A special strategic importance is attached to еру Kazakh President's initiative on further Kazakhstan’s gasification and construction of the “Sary-Arka” main gas pipeline along the Karaozek-Zhezkazgan-Temirtau-Astana route. The project will not only provide gas to two million 700 thousand people but also will provide opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises. Experts believe that gasification will also have a positive impact on environment and the amount of harmful emission in the atmosphere will decrease 6 times.


 - The chosen route allows giving access to natural gas to the maximum amount of population. About 250 boiler-houses, over twenty thousand private houses and thermal power stations of the capital will be switched to gas. As a consequence, it will improve the environmental conditions in all the regions along the gas pipeline route. Harmful emissions will be reduced to about 35,000 tonnes per year in Astana alone. Over the long term, implementation of this project will allow to provide gas in all the northern regions of Kazakhstan.

Supplying natural gas to central and northern regions will give a new impetus to Kazakhstan’s economic and social development, the chairman of the “Baitak Bolashak” Environmental Alliance, Azamatkhan Amirtayev, believes. Construction of the new main gas pipeline will have a positive impact not only on the environmental, but also will allow saving money because of the low-cost gas. This will also ensure a gradual transition from exhaustible power sources to renewables.


 - As estimated in our project, the new gas pipeline will provide gas to almost three million people. Providing gas to Astana is one task, but providing gas to every house is the task of small and medium-sized enterprises. That’s why entrepreneurs should be ready for great amount of work; they should be ready for the upcoming demand for services in this industry.

Construction of the Taldykorgan-Usharal gas pipeline will begin early. Originally, laying the gas route to the northern part of Almaty region was planned for only after 2020 after it gas was supplied to the southern and central part of the region. The design and estimates are under development. Nearly 300 million tenge will be allocated from the local budget for this purpose.  


 - The main construction costs of the gas pipeline are estimated at 21 billion tenge. Construction of five automated gas distribution centers is included in the project. The total length of the gas pipeline will be 224 kilometers. Implementation of this project will allow supplying the northern parts of the region with gas.

The government has adopted a roadmap to implement President Nazarbayev’s five social initiatives. Kazakh Ministry of Energy is one of the main implementers of the projects focused on the construction of the “Saryarka” main gas pipeline. The start of the project is planned for July this year and completion is planned for December 2019.