Kyrgyz experts: Central Asian integration will strengthen the welfare of the republics

According to the expert community of Kyrgyzstan, rapprochement of Central Asian countries is a rational and justified step. Analysts consider Nursultan Nazarbayev’s recent visit to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and the Uzbek president arrival’s in Bishkek, a progressive rapprochement of regional interests. This integration, including economic integration, will help to strengthen the countries’ welfare. For instance, a relationship between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan leads to a close cooperation in many aspects. According to Kyrgyz experts, Kazakhstan could take the initiative of an active supporter of integration between Central Asian countries.


 - Kazakhstan has a more liberal economy, so it seems to me that the state could play an important role in this regard. The country can take the initiative and clearly separate economy and politics. Let the countries have their own political regime, but the economy should be free from political intervention in trade between neighboring countries.

The visits of the Kazakh President to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan testify that rapprochement of positions of the Central Asian states has received a new impetus.


 - It is way easy to solve issues of economy and security together. For example, goods that are produced in the countries of the region, they are of interest here in the region.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as the region’s two largest economies have prerequisites for closer and more productive integration. Kyrgyz experts conclude that  in addition to improving living standards of population of these states, close cooperation will allow to increase Central Asia’s competitiveness as a whole.