Cruises in the Caspian Sea leaving from Aktau can become a reality in three years

The concept of tourism development in Kazakhstan implies creation of five clusters. Mangystau region is among them and has a great potential - namely, in maritime tourism. Cruises in the Caspian Sea leaving from Aktau can become a reality in three years. For this purpose vessels are being built in Russia.



- The sea trials for this vessel will be held in 2019, and by 2020 we will put into operation. By this time we will have already prepared the necessary infrastructure in order to receive tourists.


Other types of active tourism will be developed in the region as well, including a water-taxi, kiting and wind-surfing. Caspian Sea with its strong winds can be a perfect place to practice all these types of sports. Moreover, entrepreneurs of Aktau are developing underwater sports. Four years ago, an artificial reef was created in the sea at Cape Melovoi. The reef now inhabited by fish and algae and, according to local scuba divers, it has turned into an interesting ecosystem worth seeing.

In the coming years, a diving park will be created on the shore of the sea near the city. The territory of 7 hectares has already been selected for that purpose. It is located in front of the cape a little farther into the sea, where the depth varies between 8 and 12 meters. At the site of the future scuba park, two figures have been erected on the seabed.



 - There is an idea of dividing the park into different thematic zones: like shipwreck, history, maps. I would like to see the diving park remain a state property. That way, the public can benefit from the profits of the future scuba park.


As experts say, diving in Aktau has a great future. After all, the Caspian Sea has a huge number of places, interesting for scuba diving.