Astana process: Kazakhstan has earned the confidence of the world community

The success of Syria talks in Astana proves that Kazakhstan is the right place to hold such negotiations. Kazakhstan’s peaceful and transparent policy made the country trustworthy in the global community, French professor Albert Fischler says.



 - After gaining independence, Kazakhstan showed its peacefulness by shutting down Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. Since then it’s been a mediator and an example for the entire world. At present, the country is continuing its peacekeeping and mediating role in settling regional conflicts. The success of negotiations on Syria in Astana proves that Kazakhstan is the right place to host peace talks. The ancient tradition of hospitality originating from the time of the nomads, and the peace-loving policy and openness to the world ensured the trust of the international community to your country.


The effectiveness of the Astana Process in settling Syria conflict was ensured by proficiency of Kazakh diplomats. They have created favorable conditions for negotiations, Dmitry Verkhoturov, Russian political scientist says. According to him, Kazakhstan made a considerable contribution to settling Syria crisis.



 - It’s good that Astana provided a platform. This also lets Kazakhstan to take part in the settlement of Syria crisis since the parties interact with Kazakh diplomats. The parties discuss the current situation, share advice. There is an opportunity to influence the further events by small conversation.


Astana's ability to conduct dialogue and maintain relations both in Asia and Europe allowed it to occupy an important place in the global arena. Being neutral, Kazakhstan assists in settling the most complicated crisis in Syria, according to Aldo Ferrari, Professor of Ca’ Foscari Venezia University and researcher at the Institute for International Political Studies in Italy.



 - It is very important that Astana offered its territory as a venue for negotiations on this topic and that its proposal was accepted. This means that the world community sees your country as a reliable and stable player. The place is suitable to conduct a difficult dialogue in the search for a solution to the complex Syrian crisis. After all, this is more than a single crisis; it is a number of problems and international conflicts in the Middle East.