The new EU strategy for Central Asia was discussed in Brussels

The new EU strategy for Central Asia was discussed in Brussels. Kazakhstan took part in the international conference devoted to the 10th anniversary of the first Central Asia strategy. Kazakhstan’s delegation proposed to include provisions on the development of transport and logistics, energy efficiency, small and medium-sized business, and the implementation of the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative in the Strategy. They also talked about accelerating the ratification of the Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. Some of its provisions are applied temporarily. To date, the document has been ratified by Kazakhstan and 16 EU member states.



 - Those spheres the EU most interested in, including trade, are working well. This is a major part. However, there are some spheres that don’t work, for instance, cooperation on combating terrorism, outer space security, developing public service in our countries. We pay attention to the development of education not only in Central Asia, but also in Afghanistan as a panacea against radicalization and extremism.