Excavation of ancient city of Sarayshyq

In Atyrau, Russian archeologists joined excavations of the ancient city of Sarayshyq listed in the Map of sacral places of Kazakhstan. Archeologists found new proofs of the greatness of the city of Sarayshyq. They unearthed a part of the fortress wall defending the citadel. They have also found the remains of water pipes the city residents used in the middle of the 16th century.



 - Russian archeologists are here to restore the lost data, find new artifacts missing in our territory but located here. These artifacts will let unveil the full picture of the past events.


Ancient city of Sarayshyq full of historical artifacts attracts tourists as well. More tourists are coming to visit this unique sightseeing.



 - We have come to a bunch of different and really cool sites, look forward to seeing more. We are going to solely make our way up to Astana and then all the way back down and around towards the China border. Very cool!


Shore-fortification works are carried out on the bend of the Ural River in order to preserve the historical heritage of the city of Sarayshyq for future generations. A 1.5-kilometer long and almost 4 meters high concrete wall is being built. Builders will pour 13,000 tonnes of concrete. Open air museum will be created in that place.