Demand for Kazakhstani Eurocopters has increased

The only plant operating the CIS for assembly and maintenance of Eurocopters is located in Astana. Now it can carry out a technical check of not only Kazakh aircraft, but also helicopters of other countries. Companies from Russia and Mongolia have already applied for export assistance. Recently, Kazakh specialists began offering their services to other countries. In general, helicopters arrive in good condition and need only scheduled maintenance. A team of technicians can travel abroad in case of necessity.



- Above all, during these regulations we need to make sure that a helicopter maintains airworthiness, that the main units and parts of it are not damaged. There are very few failures, mostly shortcomings. In most cases, we encounter normal wear of products.


Since the opening of the capital plant for assembly and maintenance of Eurocopters, EU-145 has already assembled 28 helicopters. Parts for assembly are from Donauwörth, Germany. Only last year more than six boards passed the technical inspection. The maintenance of one Eurocopter can take up to three months. The company is unique since it conducts pilot training courses. Since the beginning of this year 15 pilots have updated their knowledge.



- Training is divided into two stages: theory and practice. The first takes about three to four weeks and practice lasts for eight to nine hours at least, including one hour for the examination. If an instructor decides that a pilot needs to extend his or her training, then the curator can add hours of practical training.


Pilots from neighboring countries like Russia and Turkmenistan have already expressed their desire to extend cooperation. First, they save financial resources because helicopter transportation from Europe isn’t necessary. Secondly, the quality of repair in Kazakhstan fits all world standards.