Holy places of Kazakhstan

Holy places of Kazakhstan

Seven cultural and historical sites in the Zhambyl region are entered the list of holy places of Kazakhstan. One of them is an open-air museum, the ancient settlement Taraz, located on the territory of the former central market. Archaeological excavations have been conducted since 2011. During this time, scientists discovered about 50, 000 artifacts, which belong to different periods of civilization.


- This city was a city of scientists, artisans and craftsmen. Since the 5th century, the city was known throughout the world. Findings of recent years prove that literates wrote about Taraz back in 36 BC. Since 1890, several excavations have been conducted several times.

The excavation site is six hectares. Archaeologists managed to study only a quarter, where they found residential quarters, a bathhouse and a madrasah. Now scientists are studying the cultural layers of the 10th-12th centuries CE during the Karahanids, when Taraz was home to a flourishing civilization.


- In the last 2 years excavations are concentrated in Taraz, in the central part of the ancient settlement. Residential quarters were excavated. The main street, the East-West line, was cleared. The streets, oriented along the North-South line, are cleared, too.

The ceramic and bronze commodities, clothes and accessories can convey about people’s life of that time. More than 1000 coins of different periods were found. All the items found after the restoration were sent to the museum which was built in the territory of the ancient settlement several years ago. A sensational find is a treasure of a jeweler. The staff of the Hermitage helped to study it in detail.


- Experts date it to the end of the 11th century and beginning of the 12th century. It is a unique treasure, which contains both gold and silver jewelries. For the experts the most interesting were fragments of the cut dish. When we folded all the fragments, there was an interesting ornament with an Arabic inscription.

Now restoration works are conducted in the museum. In the coming days, tourists and history buffs can visit the museum. According to the findings of the ancient settlement, scientists are going to publish a book.