Toll will be introduced on 27% of Kazakhstan’s highways until 2019

Toll will be introduced on 27% of Kazakhstan’s highways until 2019

Toll will be introduced on 27% of Kazakhstan’s highways until 2019. According to statistics, toll roads have fewer accidents and allow drivers to travel to their intended destinations faster. The quality of highways’ surface is improving across the country. Astana - Schuschinsk is Kazakhstan’s first toll road. In the past four years, the collected funds from toll have been used for the turnpike’s maintenance.

- I love driving on this road. We see what has been done and it is worth paying for.

- Comfort and good driving. Conditions are good for long-distance driving and that’s great.

- You rest when you drive here! It is a beautiful road.

This kind of payment method is planned on highways connecting the capital with Taraz, Shymkent, and Kyzylorda and on the highway leading to the border with Uzbekistan. The Head of State in his 58th step of the Nation’s Plan instructed to attract anchor investors for construction and maintenance of roads and to introduce toll transit on some of the routes. As a result, investors have responded. In April, KazAutoZhol held negotiations with the businessmen of Hungary, Turkey and Russia.


- According to the infrastructure development of the Nurly Zhol program, we’re planning to introduce a toll on 27% of national roads. This is approximately 6,000 kilometers of highway.

The country’s other roads will be payable in the next year with the help of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and with the involvement of investors. The first in the list are the routes between Almaty-Kapshagai and Astana-Temirtau. They will be completed by December of this year.

Some regions are reconstructing highways while other regions are building bridge crossings. All of this is part of one big goal of developing the country’s transit potential. In Atyrau, construction of a new crossing across the Zhaiyk River is coming to an end. This is the 7th bridge across the river which is built in the country's largest oil region. It allows to facilitate traffic and cargo transportation in the Atyrau-Aktobe-Astrakhan and Atyrau-Ural directions. Today the traffic is conducted through the bridge of the regional center. By building a new bridge, the length of the route will be reduced by several hundred kilometers.


- It is planned to build a logistics center of the second type next to the bridge. There will be a gas station on the other bank; local entrepreneurs are very interested in this undertaking.

Construction is completed by 70%. All construction materials are made in Kazakhstan. The main feature of the bridge is that it is assembled only from reinforced concrete structures. The length of the largest wing reaches 120 meters. The width of the two-lane roadway is 10 meters. There are also pedestrian paths.


- The length of this bridge is 860 meters. The length of the bridge transition with the ramps will be 8.5 kilometers. The carrying capacity of this bridge is 120-180 tonnes.

Construction of the 1,500 kilometers long Atyrau-Aktobe-Astrakhan highway was launched in Atyrau as part of Nurly Zhol program last year. The motorway will not only increase cargo transportation between Kazakhstan and Russia but also foster international transit communication. This will have a positive impact on the development of cross-border economic cooperation.