Caspian Gate: Kendirli resort

Caspian Gate: Kendirli resort

Kazakhstan is developing tourism industry. Tourism is one of the most profitable and dynamic sectors of the world’s economy. According to the concept adopted in Kazakhstan, it is decided to develop six cultural and tourist clusters. One of them is the Caspian Gate in the west of Kazakhstan, which includes Kendirli resort in Mangystau region. Previously, the resort could accommodate only up to 150 people. After the construction of new buildings, the number of guests increased to 250. Tourists come here from around the globe. A gorgeous sandy beach and a well-developed infrastructure are not inferior to foreign resorts.

The resort is located on the shore of the Caspian Sea near the city of Zhanaozen. In Mangistau region, Kendirli is truly a fine resort where people come to escape from the city and enjoy the nature.



 - Kendirli resort can satisfy any taste. There are a modern hotel, cozy huts, sports venues, a swimming pool and a water park.


Kendirli is also a sanatorium where visitors can receive treatment. The medical staff uses latest equipments. Kendirli offers a wide range of rehabilitation treatment such as massage and physiotherapy.



 - It is my first time in Kendirli. I liked it here. The staff is very welcoming. Treatment is very good.



 - I always wanted to visit the resort and now I’m here. I am amazed by the nature. It is an oasis on the sea shore. We are having fun and receiving treatment at the same time.


Foreign companies express willingness to open large resorts in Kazakhstan. German investors are planning to build yacht berths, accommodation complexes, offices, sports and recreation facilities.