Ancient burial of Saka princess was found in the eastern Kazakhstan

Ancient burial of Saka princess was found in the eastern Kazakhstan

Kazakh archeologists are discovering new artifacts. Ancient burial of Saka princess was found in the eastern Kazakhstan. In the tract of Berel in Katon-Karagai district, archeologists opened the mound and found gold jewelry and a headgear of a representative of the noble clan of Saks at a depth of four meters. There were the skeletons of two sacrificial horses next to the grave. According to the head of the expedition, doctor of historical sciences Zeynolla Samashev, the burial dates back to the 3rd century BC. Ancient balbals (stone sculptures) were found in Karatau settlement in the southern Kazakhstan. Alpamys Kuandykov, a resident of the Abai district, found these traces of the ancient civilization. The man accidentally stumbled upon the stone sculptures. They were found on the bank of the Arpa River, turned face east.


- We found this stone first. It was lying face down. We brought a shove and unearthed it. The second stone was next to it. They looked similar.

Discovered balbals refer to the ancient Turkic era, scientists say. Similar tombstones are often found in this area. The exhibit will be given to the local museum. In ancient times, monuments with graphic images of patrimonial signs were placed on the graves of high-ranking officials.


In the 10-12th centuries, before the spread of Islam on the Kazakh land, such tombstones were placed on the graves of noble people. These stone sculptures were found on the Arpa River. Other artifacts were unearthed in that area as well

Mysterious balbals, like guardians of the boundless steppe, carry interesting information from the past. Local scientists have already started studying the historical artifacts. Historians say that it is important to preserve these sculptures so the legacy of ancient nomads does not disappear.