An open-air scientific conference was hosted in Pavlodar region

An open-air scientific conference was hosted in Pavlodar region

Motherland is an invaluable heritage of ancestors. Under this name, the Maisky district of the Pavlodar region hosted an open-air scientific conference. Prominent personas in science, art and politics who once born and grew up in the region have held a forum. German tourists have become the guests of the event, too. German motor travelers spent more than a week on the road, traveling 5000 kilometers in Europe and Russia.


- We have already visited Kazakh cities like Kokshetau and Astana. Hospitable residents greet us throughout the road. This is a surprisingly good and huge country that simply can’t be described in words. Now we absolutely and casually have appeared in the very center of such a holiday. They explained to us why it was held and we realized how much Kazakhpeople love and honor their homeland.

The Maisky district is the birthplace of many prominent people both in the past and in the present. A religious personality, poet of the 19th century and Abai’s follower Bastemi Aitkozhauly as well as an outstanding scientist, a founder of the Kazakh school of philosophy and a professor Zhabaikhan Abdildin were born and grew up in the Maisky district. This is the homeland of the great Kazakh batyr and diplomat during the Kazakh-Dzungarian confrontation, Malaisary Tarkhan.


- My native land has a rich historical and cultural heritage. By studying a lot of historical facts, I dont stop wondering about outstanding people who once lived and worked in those places. Therefore, I consider to revive that. Passing on the great legacy of our ancestors to the descendants is my duty.

Residents of the Maisky district survived the nuclear tests. The ground explosions were conducted a few dozen kilometers from the district. This story is unforgettable.


- The most important thing is not to lose the connection between the future generation, the youth, and the older generation. The generations have already made their contribution. Communication is necessary for the upbringing of the youth, for awakening, specifically, for a sense of patriotism and love for the homeland.

The forum has become the platform that united all generations who appreciate and love their Motherland.