Paris is the most visited European city and one of the main destinations in the route of Kazakhstan's historical expedition. The expedition has already visited 15 countries of the Eurasian continent. Each of them unveiled some facts about the history of Kazakhstan. In the town of Nogent-sur-Marne near Paris, there is an alley with the monument of Mustafa Shokai, a prominent figure of the Alash movement. He had lived on the second floor of the house for about 20 years. His wife Maria is buried in the city cemetery. The mayor of the city Jakus Martin gave permission to name the alley after Mustafa Shokai in memory of the Kazakh political and public figure. Members of the expedition met with the mayor personally.



 - For the French, Mustafa Shokai was a prominent public figure who fought for the democracy and freedom of his people. He spent the most important years of his life here. France was his second home. Many French people learn about the Kazakh figure when they pass by the monument. We are always ready to support the initiatives of Kazakhstan in the field of history, literature and culture.


There is a monument to Attila 200 kilometers away from Paris in the village of La Shep. The King of Huns, who stirred up the entire Asia, fought in 451 with the army of the Roman Empire in this very place. It was the Catalan battle. The war that changed the history of Europe captivates the tourists today. According to the head of the expedition Sapar Iskakov, Attila was our ancestor. Therefore, young people should know the history associated with his name.



 - This place can be named sacred for the whole Kazakh nation because Huns and Atila are considered our ancestors. Atila was authoritative. He was named Wrath of the Lord


The famous museum of Paris Louvre keeps the traces of our ancestors. Islamic Arts hall contains items belonging to Sultan Hasan, the ruler of Egypt. He was a Kypchak-Mamluk by origin. Sultan Beibars' helmet is also exhibited there. Kazakhstani scientists will soon study the historical artifacts discovered by the expedition.