"An EXPO grandmother" Tomio Yamada visited EXPO-2017 in Astana

EXPO 2017 is becoming the center of global attraction. Visitors are flowing to the exhibition from all over the world. Astana is welcoming the tourists every day. 80-year-old Tomeo Yamada from Japan is among the expo tourists. She has been given a nickname of  “an expo grandmother”. The woman has visited seven world’s fairs. She has been to the exhibitions in Osaka, Shanghai, Yeosu, Aichi and other cities. The famous traveler had planned to visit Kazakhstan two years in advance. She made the decision to come at the expo in Milan. She was inspired by the Kazakh pavilion theree. This year, Tomeo is an ambassador of the exhibition. The honorable guest of Astana has seen all the pavilions and has visited  many city sights. The expo grandmother finds the Nur Alem pavilion as the most interesting one.



I really liked the theme of the exhibition, Future Energy and the Nur Alem national pavilion. The pavilion is incredibly beautiful. I was especially surprised by the 8th floor where there is a glass bridge and a platform with a view on  the entire city. I liked the hospitality of the Kazakh people. Astana EXPO 2017 is incredible.


A trip to Kazakhstan has left great impression on the American travelers too. The spokesman of the US delegation, Daniel Runde, Head of Center For Strategic and International Studies,  participated in the Astana Economic Forum and paid visit to the exhibition site.


 - I went to the Kazakh national pavilion, it was unbelievable. It is enormous and I recommend that everyone has a chance to visit the Kazakh national pavilion. I had a chance to visit the Chinese pavilion, French pavilion, among many others. It is very successful. Many nations participated in Astana, expo. At least many dozens of countries did. It is very well done and I recommend visiting it. What continues to impress me about Kazakhstan is incredible amount of progress that has been made in the last 25 years. The hundred steps program is an attempt to get to some of those issues. Some of other things I find very impressive about Kazakhstan is a new Nazarbayev University.