Over 600,000 people have already visited the EXPO 2017

 Over 600,000 people have already visited the EXPO 2017

Over 600,000 people have already visited the EXPO 2017. From early June, 140,000 foreign guests arrived at the Astana airport and this is 3 times more compared to the same period last year. According to forecasts, the number of tourists at the EXPO 2017 will be around 2 million and the number of visits will amount to 5 million. According to the Telegraph, Kazakhstan’s capital has the chances to become one of the most attractive cities for tourism.



Central Asia is a very fresh rising new region in the tourism map of the world. It is still way below its potentials. The entire region has been for a long period of time before 20 years, 25 years very much isolated. It is beginning to rediscover itself. It is only normal and natural that at the first stage the region, Kazakhstan, is a great example of it. Spend and consume much of its energy and its time on building the infrastructure. You cannot promote anything before you have the infrastructure in place but once you have a certain amount of enough infrastructures then you start promoting and without promoting you cannot become a tourism destination of any meaningful value in the world of today. I believe that the region of Central Asia now is at this stage exactly. It has put in the ground enough infrastructure, more than enough infrastructure now that would enable it to receive 10 times as much visitors as it is receiving now. This stage is a stage of moving into the promotion and asking the world to come to visit you so that you could start benefiting from tourism making tourism a great potential.


According to the statistics, 25,000 people visit the exhibition per day on average. Recently, this figure has increased to 36,000 guests. The Nur Alem pavilion is one of the most popular sections. Pavilions of Russia, Uzbekistan, India, Azerbaijan and African Countries attract special attention. Shell Science Lab and Cirque du Soleil. Are among the top visited sites of the expo.



- I come from Australia and come to Kazakhstan to visit for holiday for about six days. I immediately came to Astana, capital city.



- In the morning, the day after tomorrow, we will fly to Astana for the expo and in the evening we will visit Cirque du Soleil. For this purpose, we came from Israel. I love Kazakhstan very much and we have a lot of friends in Kazakhstan. We wish the country best of luck so the expo will be a successful event.