Astana is a city of fountains. The capital has more than 120 fountains and all don’t look alike, fountains have the most varied forms and executions. Places nearby fountains are the most popular ones for recreation during summer.

The fountain of Peoples’ Friendship is located at the center of the right bank which considered as the oldest in Astana. The fountain is built in the late 1970s. The 8 meter high sculpture is the only modern part of it. The interlacing of hands of a statue means unity.

This is perhaps the most visited fountain of the capital. 16 horseshoes symbolize four horses running in different directions of the world. According to the authors’ idea, this means that Kazakhstan is developing in all directions.

More than a hundred workers of Astana-Zelenstroy maintain the fountains. The work is not easy. Fountains are not only cleaned daily, but also filled with water. Almost a third of it evaporates in the sun and is blown out by the wind.



- We clean the fountain twice a day. We have a break from 11 to 12 am and from 4 to 5 pm. Many people come here.


This is the most famous fountain in Astana. Hydrotechnical construction in the form of a ring symbolizes the sun; there is a "water screen" inside to make projections. Unique show and special effects were prepared especially for EXPO 2017. Cannons stream the water to a height of 80 meters. A light-musical performance attracts thousands of spectators to the embankment.

The show lasts for 10-15 minutes. During this time you can see the projection of Astana's sights, the history of Kazakhstan. Everything is accompanied by music mostly Kazakh kuis.



- The fountain impresses with its beauty and music, such enthusiasm, so many impressions!