At EXPO 2017, the Nur Alem national pavilion reflects a theme of the Earth’s biomass use. Here, visitors can observe the process of vital activity of plants and animals which can generate sufficient energy to move a car, to heat a house or produce goods. The energy surrounds us everywhere and makes up 10% of the world's energy resources. This is biomass energy. It can significantly reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and as a consequence, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The entire floor of the Nur Alem national pavilion is dedicated to the development of this area. Illustrative examples of bioenergy are right under the feet of the visitors. Adults are very interested in the glass floor and green plants, while children can feel like they are in a dream world or a fairy tale.



I’m from Karaganda and I’ve come with my mother to visit the expo. We really like it, it's very beautiful and a bit unusual. I have never seen anything like it. I would like to come here again and believe that everything will turn out like this in the future.


Algae has become allies of the ecological future, too. The world's first farm with the use of algae is made of glass tubes that fit well into the interior. The farm looks like a prototype of the future housing. The bioreactive facade produces energy with the help of solar heat. In addition, thanks to the high content of oils, the microcosm of algae is the optimal raw material for biofuel production. Both compatriots and foreigners are very interested in the expositions. Yoshin Wang has visited many international exhibitions and she is impressed by the scope of the exposition.



I really like it because it is very beautiful and modern. Moreover, it is also informative. Many countries came and brought their designs to the exhibition.


Over the years, sources of biomass have sustained life on the Earth. Through various methods of processing, oilseeds, cereals, wood materials, agricultural, household waste and animal products can produce the energy of the future.