"Nurzhol" Boulevard has turned into a huge art platform during the EXPO 2017

Astana residents are welcoming tourists and showing the beauty of the city. Creative installations, performances and theater shows, Nurzhol Boulevard has turned into a huge art platform during the EXPO 2017. It has become a paradise for art connoisseurs. Stephen Siegel, Aragorn Dick-Read, some of the most famous figures in the world of art are showcasing their pieces in the Kazakh capital.

Ussen, Assan, Sergey, Sayat and Kairat dream to become the new Beatles. They met while performing in the streets of Astana and created a boys band. They sing in Kazakh, Russian, English, Korean, Hindi and Persian and are stealing the hearts of the locals and tourists.  They now have 70,000 followers on social networks.



– We want to gain recognition as street musicians among young people. We want to become the first Kazakh boys’ band that came from the streets.



- Astana is a beautiful city and at night it is better especially on the river embankment. Fresh air and cool breeze soothe your face. There is a special atmosphere here.


Street performers, craftsmen and sweet corn sellers do not pay taxes. Local authorities exempted them from taxes, and the young artists and entrepreneurs in response are ready to work extra hours to create lively atmosphere and memorable moments for the city guests.