EXPO 2017 has showed Astana’s potential and Kazakhstan’s capabilities to the whole world

EXPO 2017 has showed Astana’s potential and Kazakhstan’s capabilities to the whole world

The EXPO 2017 has showed Astana’s potential and Kazakhstan’s capabilities to the whole world. Hikmet Eren, editor-in-chief of the socio-political magazine EkoAvrasya, holds this opinion. According to him, once again, Kazakhstan’s capital has become the center of important international events. Kazakhstan’s first city is hosting the "Astana" process aimed to resolve the Syrian crisis. It is also here that India and Pakistan were admitted to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In addition, this year the city is hosting the expo which will go down in the world history as the largest event. Initially, EkoAvrasya devoted an entire issue to the international exhibition. This time, the magazine’s staff plans to make a photo-report dedicated to the opening ceremony of Astana EXPO 2017.



- We are happy to see the opening ceremony of the international exhibition and recognize the achievements of fraternal country. The participation of 115 countries and 22 international organizations determines Kazakhstan’s credibility in the international arena. Everyone is aware about the most popular architectural structure in the world, The Eiffel Tower, which was erected as part of the expo in Paris. I hope very much that the chosen Future Energy theme of Astana EXPO 2017 will be distinguished by its contribution to the scientific and technological process and architectural structures.


Exhibition in Astana is the recognition of  world community that Kazakhstan is a successful and progressive country. The member of  the Georgian parliament highlights that Kazakhstan is the first to host this prestigious international event in the post-Soviet space.



- I want to note that we are very happy for Kazakhstan because this country is hosting one of the most prestigious international events of the year. It is also important to say that Kazakhstan is the first country to host the expo in the post-Soviet space. Prior to this, European countries, the USA, Japan and China had been the major nations to host the exhibition. Thus, we can confidently say that Kazakhstan has received a recognition of the world community. I'm sure all 115 countries-participants will find a reliable strategic and economic partner in the face of this strong and progressive country. With all my heart I wish Kazakhstan a further success!


The expert of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Xao Bin, notes Kazakhstan’s high preparation for the expo. The specialist emphasizes that the opening ceremony of the specialized exhibition in Astana was held to the highest level. The participation of leaders of the world’s progressive countries has made this event even more significant.



- The arrangement of this grandiose exhibition is taken with serious responsibility. The expo’s theme shows how much the Kazakh people are interested in using alternative energy sources. This also shows the people’s concern for their country’s future. I wish Astana a successful exhibition.