Kazakhstan is the first state among the CIS countries that conducts EXPO

Kazakhstan is the first state among the CIS countries that conducts EXPO

Astana EXPO 2017 is of great importance for the entire region. Azerbaijani political scientist, Tofik Abbasov have an opinion that this global event will give a powerful impetus to develop all industries. He claims that Kazakhstan stimulates the world economic process and creates new platforms. The expert highlights the huge preparatory work that had been carried out by Kazakhstan before the expo.



- Kazakhstan positions itself as a country that has successfully realized the energy factor. Therefore, the energy of life which we understand literally, figuratively, and very abstractly, reveals in all its facets. We are partners; we are very close allies and this is why we will have one big success.


Ethnic Kazakhs living abroad have witnessed a historic moment, the gala opening of the Astana EXPO 2017. The Kazakh diaspora in Germany watched the live broadcast of the ceremony on the Internet. Malabakan Bezeritkhan is proud that Kazakhstan is the first state among the CIS countries to hold this prestigious exhibition.



- Astana EXPO 2017 has been opened. Im sincerely happy about this. The expo town with incredibly beautiful facilities is inside the capital. I’ve waited to travel to Astana for two years and now I’m counting the days. On June 20th I fly to Kazakhstan. My primary goal is to visit the expo and eventually, to see these beautiful buildings with my own eyes. Im very glad that Kazakhstan is the first among the CIS countries to hold the expo.


Russia is genuinely interested in the expo, too. On September 8th, a large flow of Russian tourists is coming to Astana. On this day, the National Day of Russia is going to be held as part of the exhibition.



- I’ve already planned a trip to the expo for the end of this summer. I have planned the dates. I'm looking forward to this trip. I will definitely visit Cirque du Soleil and I won’t miss the opportunity to visit La Scala.