Members of the historical expedition are discovering new artifacts

Members of the historical expedition are discovering new artifacts

The history of Atyrau dates back to the 13th century. Members of the historical expedition are discovering new artifacts. The ancient city that was located on the outskirts of Atyrau was the craftsmen center connected to the Silk Road. One of the Italian explorers named the city as Laeti in his map. Specialists say that the Caspian Sea level rose up and the city was flooded. Houseware, jewelry, mirrors are still being found on the seashore. Kazakh archeologist Marat Kassenov says that new excavations may reveal new artifacts that can prove that Aktobe-Laeti is in fact the ancient city of Kumkent.



 - Guryev is not just a small town in the steppe. It has its own history. Previously, there were such settlements as Aktobe-Laeti, and this is why Guryev was created at this place.


Scientists say that it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive research in the area of the Kazakh Khanate’s first capital. According to the researchers, Kassym Khan himself is buried here. However, his remains were never found. Traveler Sapar Iskakov says that a new page in history may be opened after thorough excavations.



- We should find the remaining of Kassym Khan and build a big mausoleum here. There is an idea to create an open air museum as well. This is our history. Young generation should know the history of their ancestors.


Every artifact exhibited here is valuable. For instance, this vase is decorated with inscription citing the great philosopher Yusuf Khass Hajib from the city of Balasaghun



 - The pitcher was found here in 1909, more than 100 years ago. It is interesting that the inscription on the jug is the excerpt from the poem by Yusuf Balasaghuni "Kudatgubilig" (Blessed Knowledge). Yusuf  Balasaghuni, a native of Chui Valley, lived in the 11th century.


The historical expedition completed the voyage around Kazakhstan and headed to Russia, where they hope to discover many interesting historical artifacts.