Expedition "Following the footsteps of the ancestors" visited the grave of Koblandy batyr


The expedition "Following the footsteps of the ancestors" is headed to the historical places of Western Kazakhstan. Participants have already visited the tombs of brave heroes here. One of these is legendary Kobylandy batyr. There are 29 versions of the epic about the great warrior. Every year people come to his mausoleum from all over the country to honor the memory of the national hero. His burial mausoleum on the bank of the river Kobda is made in the shape of a traditional battle helmet.



- There is a shield in the middle of the building which is a symbol of the union of the three Kazakh hordes. This 17-meter high mausoleum was built in 2007 and it is very popular.


This year, the mausoleum will undergo reconstruction before September. Local authorities also intend to install another monument in honor of the famous batyr in the Kobda village.



- We will finish all the works before the celebration in honor of our heroes. We’re planning to finish by the end of the year. We will build here an entire park of batyrs which will adorn the monument of Kobylandy batyr.


The central stadium in Aktobe is also titled in honor of the batyr. Historians and local authorities say this is not only a tribute, but also a reminder for the younger generation. The expedition ha salso paid visit to the burial place of another legendary fellow countryman, Eset batyr. His mausoleum was built near the Bestamak village.



 - This historical monument with a helmet-shaped dome is protected by the state. The batyr is shown in full height on one side of the structure. Pilgrims often visit this place. A house was built for their reception and boarding. The doors are always open for the travelers.


The expedition visited WWII sniper Aliya Moldagulova’s birthplace. A museum in her honor is located here which contains more than 8 thousand exhibits. These exhibits tell about Aliya’s life and her heroic deeds which led her to win a title of a Hero of the Soviet Union. The expedition members laid flowers to every memorial and honored the memory of the heroes who showed unprecedented courage and fortitude and gave their lives for the sake of our land and country.